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Preparing for the technology executive interview: the right way vs. the wrong way
Job interviews create stress and performance anxiety in even the most senior technology executives. With the right mindset you can level the playing field and determine if you’re right for the company and, just as significantly, if they’re right for you.
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Interviewing for the executive suite (and be careful what you wish for…)
Getting to the C Suite is a laudable and understandable goal for many current and future technology executives. However, too many IT leaders have an ‘aim, fire, ready’ mentality and don’t ask the tough questions that will help them determine if their dream job is located in the wrong executive suite.
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The 5 questions you don’t want to be asked
How do you train your mind to deal with the unexpected? How do you become more adept at handling uncomfortable interactions in your professional life? If you can learn to become comfortable with being uncomfortable, you’re more likely to succeed in interviews, important meetings and so many other professional interactions. Here’s a way to jump start the process.
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Don’t take that recruiter’s call!
Many people decline conversations with recruiters – even when the job they’re hearing about sounds like an amazing opportunity – because they feel comfortable. Well, comfortable can be a four letter word to your career. If you’re contacted by a reputable recruiter who’s leading a bona fide search engagement, then it only serves you to listen and give the opportunity – and your career growth – the time they deserve.
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How do you manage a micro-manager?
What is your strategy for coping with one of the most challenging experiences you’ll have in corporate life? This article will offer you a strategy and a mindset for surviving and potentially thriving if you your boss is a micro-manager.
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The only job search guide you’ll ever need
What is your job search strategy? How do you distinguish yourself from the competition? What is your unique brand? What is your process for conducting a job search? Why do so many successful technology executives conduct a job search without a plan or a process? This article will address those issues and give you a template that’s based upon the skills and training you used during your career.
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