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We believe that Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the true differentiator for any successful technology career. Climbing the corporate ladder tests your ability to lead people, engage with the executive leadership team and become a true partner with the organization.

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EQ Executive Career Coaching combines the benefits of a career coach with the real world experience of a C Level executive recruiter. As search consultants, we have sat with many senior leadership teams and their human resources partners and developed a plan to find and onboard their next executive superstar. Those consultations give us a unique window into the art and science of executive selection.

Why Climb the Corporate Ladder Alone?
Why should you manage your career by yourself? Great athletes have recognized for a long time that they needed a team to reach the highest levels of their profession. Great executives are learning the same lesson.

We Believe in ‘No Nonsense’ Career Coaching.
Busy executives are future focused and outcomes oriented. Our coaching programs and process are aligned the same way. We provide a sounding board and, when necessary, a virtual ‘sparring partner’ to help you transform your career.

Are you Considering a Job Search?
We will help you develop a strategy and a mindset that will set you apart from your competition. You won’t have to re-invent the wheel. You already have the tools in your executive tool kit to conduct a successful search. We’ll help you re-purpose those tools and keep you focused. As the CEO of your career, you’ll continue to deploy that new mindset throughout the rest of your career.

Have you Recently Joined a New Company?
You’ll only get one chance to make a great impression. The first ninety days can be make or break for a successful, long term tenure. We will help you successfully navigate through a new culture, enhance your executive presence and expertly engage with the people in your ecosystem.

Are You Feeling Mentally Unemployed?
Mental unemployment among executives is typically followed by actual unemployment. If you’re conducting a job search and you’re mentally disengaged from your company then you become an uncompetitive job candidate. Successful re-engagement requires a whole host of mental and emotional adjustments. And that takes work. We’ll develop a customized plan that will help you reboot your career.

At EQ Executive Careers:


  • We understand the critical importance that selection committees place on cultural fit and emotional intelligence.
  • We’ll partner together to develop a strategic plan that will transform your career.  Whether it’s a job search, your first ninety days in a new role, or you need to re-engage with your company and management team.

EQ Executive Career Coaching will help you focus on long term career success and bottom line results – skills that you will use during your entire career.

Your Coaching Will Consist of…EQ - Key to Success

  • Conducting a thorough Executive Self-Inventory
  • Developing a Value Proposition
  • Building a Network Map
  • Developing and executing a Network Strategy – Pay It Forward Mindset
  • Creating a Project Plan

The Interview Process

  • Asking the right questions (at each stage of the interview process)
  • Preparing for the questions you don’t want to be asked (learning to become comfortable with being uncomfortable)
  • Understanding what the ‘other side’ – the executive recruiter, HR, the executive leadership team — is thinking before, during and after your interviews

The Offer

  • Compensation negotiations
  • Resignation day and the counter-offer
  • The New Role
  • Making a successful transition
  • Aligning with your management, the Board, your peers and leading your new team


"Louis has been persistent in keeping me on track as the CEO of my career".

“The insights and guidance Louis has provided have been invaluable. He didn’t simply tell me what to do – rather, he took the time to understand who I am and what I’m seeking. He helped me understand why certain approaches have been successful and others have not. There is a tremendous amount of psychology and emotional intelligence behind success at this level – and Louis is a true expert. Louis has been persistent in keeping me on track as the ‘CEO of my career’ by making himself available throughout the journey. I would – and have – highly recommend Louis to anyone that is serious about doing what it takes to thrive in their current role or find the next great opportunity.”

“Should be one of every executive’s trusted senior advisors.”

Louis should be one of every senior executive’s trusted advisors. He asks probing questions that invite his clients to consider their challenges and opportunities from new perspectives. He challenges assumptions that we often don’t even realize we have made. He does this for professionals seeking new career options, and for leaders striving to build market-dominating teams. Any senior exec thinking about how to enhance the performance of his organization would realize value from a conversation with Louis.

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